It Takes a Village...

This weblog is an customized version of the 'Keep it Simple' Blogger template, created and distributed by StyleShout. Credit goes to Eric Meyers for the CSS reset, 960 Grid Systems for the grid system and Big John Design for the CSS clearing. Minor alterations in styling have been done by the contributors of this blog. It is powered by Blogger.

This is a collaborative blog contributed by 11 users created in partial requirement for the INF1240 Research Methods course in part of the Masters of Information at the iSchool at the University of Toronto. 



    in an effort to encourage people to comment more, i've added a couple of commenting widgets on the right!

    also, if you guys have any ideas for the architecture of the blog, feel free to comment on this page (opposed to the main blog, which i think should be kept to course-related discussions), and i can see what i can do.

  2. I really like your idea and I think that it will encourage more interactive use of the blog! Thanks for putting so much work into this. One comment about the design - would you consider changing the font on the recent comments widget so that it reflects the design of the blog a little more? I don't want to play with it myself and risk messing up what you created! :)

  3. arrh, i'm having trouble with changing the typeface on the recent comments (apparently the javascript is imported and my head is subsequently exploding). but fyi, i'm on it :)

    in the meantime: header is now set with a fantastic open source typefaces via google! i'm currently feeling 'lobster' but it might change. thoughts are always welcomed :)

  4. I like the new font but I also like "Lobster". Here is the great typeface quiz that I told you about - you can discover which is the best font for you!