Peer Review

I guess I am too full of assignments right now. I was doing a peer review of the paper using ethnography and since ethnography makes use of pictures as well, I was inspired to use some images myself in this posting to depict what peer review is, instead of writing yet again. Hoping the pictures would serve more than a million words...


  1. lol, sanchita, this is a very creative blog post! it definitely captures the fear of the judgement process — why no images about the positive hope of peer-reviews, say the chance of conversation and constructive criticism? i feel there should be 'The Post of Pictures: Part 2".... :P

  2. You are right about that. But I guess my post was a refelection of the particular peer review I had done for the assignment. Often it happens that there is too much to criticize and I was trying to put myself in the shoes of the person whose work I was criticizing. No doubt, peer review is constructive, if taken in the right way. That is why it is held with such high esteem.But it is also capable of turning any writing into shreds as well...