Adieu or not ?

Just like research is never ending in the life of a researcher, so also I do not want this blog to be totally over for us. I had started on an uncertain process, as I had never blogged before nor was very fond of publishing my private thoughts. But this was another domain – where you shared your ideas with your peers. As well as for the world to see !!! Sometimes I was unsure whether to be formal and at other times just gave in to the feelings, the tensions and the questions that overwhelmed me. Gradually a realization came over me that this was also a way of finding out for ourselves what we were searching for at that moment in time. It was like a research into our deepest thoughts and obligations brought out in print.

Now, as I struggle to make my real research more meaningful, my methods click, my hypothesis achievable – I feel that I have certainly gained as much from this blogging and unravelling of thought process as the Research methods class itself.

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  1. Hi Sanchita, I liked your post because I also had a good time with the blog. I also definitely don't want to shut it down because I use the posts I wrote to remember the thought processes I went through during the semester. There are also great posts written by fellow students that I'd like to refer to. I fear that, without a purpose, the blog might peter out. Maybe we should keep contributing to it once in a while?