Another Intro!

Hi everyone,

This is Elizabeth, your blogging captain. I honestly am not an expert at this business, but I did have a livejournal and then a blogspot of my own for about 5-6 years in highschool and early university, which I updated obsessively at the time. Blogs blogs blogs! I have made Jennette into an additional admin, and if anyone else here knows how to do css or web design or anything, let me know and we'll add you to our club.

Anyway, on to the intro... we've already heard far too many of these this week so mine will be brief. I just finished my undergrad at Queen's, majoring in History. While I was there, I discovered that I had an affinity and adoration for research and organization, which I can furthermore apply to my obsession with literature and general expansion of knowledge. Anyway! My current long-term goal is to be a highschool librarian. But who knows! I look forward to getting to know all of you interesting people through these posts, and hopefully it will be a fun time!


  1. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for starting the blog. Can you put me as an admin as well? I am curious to see the css that we will be developing, and who knows, maybe I'll be able to contribute some design too... although I'll let Jennette take a first crack at it.

  2. Eleonore, or anyone else for that matter, feel free to alter any of the css!

    Blogger has been around for awhile compared to other platforms like Tumblr, Wordpress or Posterous, so it's templates are more old-school: simple XHTML. All the html is contained in one file, with the css embedded into the head. I'll make a colophon to the site to explain a little of the code, but again, anyone, please contribute :)

  3. Hi Elizabeth! Thanks for starting the blogs for us.