A step into…

From the first days and classes, stepping into iSchool student’s shoes is extremely exciting! Moreover, being rather modest and communicating only a little with fellow students, I find this blog to be a gift-like opportunity to learn from, and listen to, and share with fascinating people. So, hello and thank you everybody involved!

Out of my Belorussian education in design of radio-electronic devices, a year of professional experience, and research conducted at the junction of engineering and chemistry, I raised and brought with me a wish to make working in any setting an organized, collaborative, and fun activity. Following my previous path, I enjoyed challenges of making things orderly and effectively or finding user centered solutions rather than doing exactly chemistry; and as the result, I came here to start walking along a new path of the humane systems designer.

Although I don’t intend to write a thesis, choosing this course was a fast and easy decision: I would like to have a steady and extensive knowledge foundation, and I can’t imagine acquiring it without knowing which instruments scholars use to develop a core of information science, and also without a skill to fully evaluate resources that will build now my own understanding and expertise through two years of studies. Adding to that, is enthusiasm to form in my mind an actual general structure and branching of information science, not that casual seemingly informed view of an everyday web, computer or library user. And I hope that methodological perspective will help me in this too.

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