Introduction #3

I'll second Eleonore's thanks to everyone for getting this blog up and running so fast!

To continue the introductions — I've just finished a specialized bachelors of design from YSDN, during which I spent the last two years focusing on information design (think Tufte's visualizing quantatative data). It was a mix between my infographic studies, a couple of internships and a slew of freelancing that I became fascinated in the politics of visual communication.

I learned that there was no such thing as a neutral exchange of information, that the very act of editing, selecting and presenting information produces a nexus of discussions for any message to be conveyed. Rooted in the curiosity for a complete correlation between medum and message, I am interested in the visual form of information, particularily the ethics and the social impacts of such decisions.

With that said, I'm not too sure where I exactly fit into this program right now. The majority of my courses are in the 'critical information studies' pathway, though I am taking Research Methods because I am seriously considering the thesis option. Wherever I end up, I'm really excited to be able to work with so many people from such diverse backgrounds.

(p.s. Elizabeth — can you up please grant me admin privledges and I can look into altering the css? :D )


  1. Hi Jennette, it sounds like we're interested in similar topics - I look forward to discussing them with you!

  2. Yay! I'm glad my interests overlap with someone else! We definitely have a lot of talk about; you had mentioned the internet as a main interest in the exchange of information, and I totally share the same curiosity. Especially with its the democratization of publishing, the internet has created a whole generation of communicators (writers, coders, programmers etc) doing 'design' without even knowing it. I think it's important to think about what is happening in this (virtual) envionrment which we are increasing spending more and more time on.

  3. Jennette,

    I made you an admin so go crazy! Let's make this page flashy.