A new begining...

The Microsoft motto ‘Turning ideas into Reality’ always sounded very impressive to me. If we delve deeper into its meaning we may find that we can apply it to our academic lives wherein we wanted to further our studies and here we are now at the ischool, and maybe we wish to conduct some kind of research someday and this class of ours is a step towards that future.

I have a Masters in English and my interest in Literature and Languages made me look up the etymology of the word “research” : it comes from French ‘recerche’ meaning ‘to seek out, search closely’. I guess we are all looking for something in life and as we think more about it and write about it as well, we will be able to find new avenues of looking at things hitherto unseen.

I certainly do not know whether we will get an opportunity to dance salsa as our text suggests but we are definitely going to sweat it out a lot this term given the number of assignments. But with the hope that this small blogging exercise will point us in the right direction and who knows we might even find ourselves as Luker says “drifting into new intellectual areas…” soon.

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